Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bunting and baby gift

As I have mentioned before I love quick craft projects

especially when they come out looking better than I

could of imagined. Recently we decorated big A's bedroom

and I had been promising her I would make some bunting,

we had even purchased the fabric from a little quilting

shop in Bovey Tracey. So during half term it was on the top

of my To Do list.

I am never sure of an almost twelve year olds taste but

fortunately she loves it and so does little N so I think my

machine will be busy in the next few weeks.

Quick project two

Working with little ones I see all the latest must haves,

lots of little people of late have been snuggling with

little cloths called taggies they are really sweet and

really costly! So when a friend had a new addition it

was the perfect time to have a go at making something

along the same line.

It has little folds of ribbon sewn in for fiddling with or sucking

and very soft brushed cotton fabric also from Serendipity

Quilts of Bovey.

Just think years ago it was the label on a muslin square or

a Terry's nappy that a toddler would walk around with!

Friday, 19 February 2010


Sorry cant work out why it keeps turning next piece

How proud!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Banana cake and Barbie buns

Yum Yum!
Being half term I am enjoying doing the little things I love at a much more relaxed pace. On Tuesday little N and I spent a whole morning baking, she really likes to get involved and thanks to her Grandma who is a fan of Pampered Chef products she has all the right sized equipment for the job. I must say the mini range that
P Chef do is really great.
So we soon whipped up a Banana cake with some seriously sad looking bananas then some Devon Apple Cake N had great fun cutting the apple into cube one for the bowl one for her mouth!

But what Little N was looking forward to the most was making up the Barbie Buns she had nagged me to buy went we last went on the last big trip to the supermarket, a trip I try to avoid if I can. I do shop, I just don't enjoy doing it on a grand scale.

So a ready box of Barbie Buns were the next to prepare, well add a bit of water and an egg and mix .
Well lets just say that N loved every minute of making and decorating them.

Well they do look quite scrummy now don't you think!

Monday, 15 February 2010

i JUst caN'T WaiT

Yesterday I was thinking of things I love and as I was sat snuggled under my WIP tripling away I thought....... how much I love the feel of the Rowan yarn running through my fingers and the warm, cosy, safe feeling it gives me.

Now I am on the last stages I just couldn't wait any longer to show you.

Using five different colours I made thirty six little squares first with a single round of triples then a double round.

Then putting them in fours to make bigger squares, I used a join on the go technique from the lovely Lucy at Attic 24, she has been the inspiration for me learning to crochet and also gave me desire to attempt something so big. This was a challenge for me I don't mind admitting, I am one of those quick results sort of crafter who likes to flit from one project to another but I have had to surpress urges to do other projects in order to give my beloved blanket the time and love it deserves.

So here's a glimse as you can see a double row edges each big square, bright pink, well it is for me and I love pink!

So what happens next.....................
I am going to and another double row of pink around the nine large squares, but then I am not sure wether to do one round of each colour or maybe two finishing with a scollop edge maybe we will have to see where it takes me.
Have you any ideas?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines

Hope you have enjoyed spending time with those
you love, doing things you love.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Poorly Times

Today the Calpol bottle has taken a bashing we have been struggling in this house for sometime with nasty sore throats, runny noses, aches and coughs. We try to manage these at home but today we had to give in with a trip to the doctor. Poor little N has got tonsilitus and tharengitus apoligies for spellings haven't got a clue whether they are right or not.
What I do know is she is feeling absolutely awful. So I was so pleased when a kind boss said to go home early from work so i could snuggle up with her under an almost complete WIP.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

OH WOW how soon they grow uP

Today is a special day in our home as it is hubby's
Birthday. We both work til 5 on a Wednesday so the girls
are at home with their Nanny. Big girl likes to come back
to our house (just over the road) to get on with home work
or just CHILL! for a bit.
But today when we pulled up outside the house it was clear
no chilling had taken place.

Balloons greeted us on the door and on opening that door we
could smell the most delicious smell.

All by herself she had managed to bake and decorate the most
fabulous cake for her daddy.

She has only been at secondary school for five months but
she seems so grown up.

Oh ...........I bet your thinking the kitchen looked a right mess,
well I can tell you it was immaculate not a dish or sticky spoon in sight.

Think I will start teaching her how to cook the tea next!