Sunday, 1 November 2009

Learning to Crochet

Early this year I discovered Lucy at attic24 she inspired me to learn to crochet.
This was quite a challenge as my mum and gran had taught me so many homemaking skills but neither new how to crochet.

Then I remembered a lady on our campsite in Cornwall had crocheted my youngest daughter a blanket for her dolly.
Like a lot of children she would love to take her doll out for a walk in her pushchair naked, the lovely lady had been horrified and the next day had produced a beautiful pink blanket.

So the next time we were down at our fabulous retreat( i will show you pics soon)
I bravely knocked on her door and asked her to show me the basics.
These pic are some of my early projects.


  1. Lovely, absolutely lovely. So nice to catch up with you here in Blogland x

  2. Thank you big project going well pics soon