Saturday, 20 March 2010


Well Spring is here we could tell she had arrived as soon as
we woke this morning and heard the rain hitting the
But we know thing are going to start getting warmer now
and that the days will get longer.
The retreat gets unwrapped tommorow:)

What better thing to do when its wet outside than a bit of
crochet so with one big girl out with her mates
(staying at home with your Mum is so uncool at the moment)
and Little N practising her ballet infront of the mirror. I sat
down and tried to recreate a beautiful bunny which I saw while
blog hopping. I hopped into see Sandy at Teacup Lane and fell
in love with the little bundles of Easter joy. I am not sure mine
is the same but I'm quite happy with her.
A very poor photo' sorry.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Laptop and Leftovers

Well I only have two rounds left to do on my Big Blanket!
But I also have a lot of little bundles of wool left. Far to
precious to throw out so I have been thinking about what
to do with them a quick little project maybe..........
SO what does this have to do with a laptop?
My job like lots is changing with the times and I now find
myself with four hours admin time a week. So I have a
laptop supplied for me to use. Now all the laptops look the
same and all the carry cases are the same so you have to
personalise them. Some people have keyrings others bits
of ribbon what could I use............Leftovers of course.

Easily recognised as mine now

Don't you just love them? I was always taught that you get
a better effect with odd numbers of objects so I think three
is the perfect number.
Another Attic24 inspired project Lucy has a tutorial for
these little beauties
I'm thinking Springtime decorations....

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Our little bit of Paradise

Our little bit of Paradise
I am not sure where the last four and a half months have gone
but with the end of March in sight we definitely have a spring
in our steps.
Next weekend we go down to see how our retreat has coped
while hibernating for the winter.
The girls stay with their Grandma and K and I pile the car
full of bikes, bedding and food supplies. It takes about an hour
and a half to get to our little bit of Cornwall.
It looks very sad when we arrive as all soft furnishings
have to be taken down for the winter so we spend the day
getting it all cosy and homely. When I say all day we do
get a little distracted by the peace and quiet.

Sitting and just enjoying ...........
Oh and K has to cut his grass!!!!

Then we have to pay a visit to our favourite beaches
Constantine Bay something for everyone dunes, surf, lots
of sand and great for rock pool discoveries.

Treyarnon amazing at low tide can you believe all this
without a Passport!

Harlyn Sands great beach for families and learning to surf.
Great river for damming, but not advisable on a busy day
lots of annoyed holiday makers when dam breaks and water
rushes down over their things opps!

So you can see why we are bouncing around like lambs in
a field.
So looking forward to Easter on the Beach.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Rays of light

I am so bouncy happy this evening, the sun has shone its warm rays all day long.
So tonight for the first time this year we picked K up from work and raced to Teignmouth .
An hour of sunshine came with us and we just walked, well Briar ran of course!
We even splashed out on chips for the journey home and I have to say they were delicious.
A perfect start to the weekend.