Saturday, 20 March 2010


Well Spring is here we could tell she had arrived as soon as
we woke this morning and heard the rain hitting the
But we know thing are going to start getting warmer now
and that the days will get longer.
The retreat gets unwrapped tommorow:)

What better thing to do when its wet outside than a bit of
crochet so with one big girl out with her mates
(staying at home with your Mum is so uncool at the moment)
and Little N practising her ballet infront of the mirror. I sat
down and tried to recreate a beautiful bunny which I saw while
blog hopping. I hopped into see Sandy at Teacup Lane and fell
in love with the little bundles of Easter joy. I am not sure mine
is the same but I'm quite happy with her.
A very poor photo' sorry.


  1. That is so sweet. Hope the sun soon comes out and all is well.
    Love to all Linda

  2. Hi Louise - I gather you're a good friend of Linda and Andy's! Yes, I had never met Linda (beyond 'chatting' on our online knitting forum) but I just knew we would get along, and we did! She and Andy are lovely people; you are indeed blessed to know them!

    Besides the crochet, another thing Linda and I have in common is your part of Devon - my husband, Adrian, was born there and spent much of his childhood in Totnes and Buckfast. We've been back there loads of times (he has various family members there) so I know the area fairly well, too. It's just about the loveliest part of the UK, I think.

    I hope Linda and Andy arrive back in the UK safely - they'll have had a long but nostalgic trip!