Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Laptop and Leftovers

Well I only have two rounds left to do on my Big Blanket!
But I also have a lot of little bundles of wool left. Far to
precious to throw out so I have been thinking about what
to do with them a quick little project maybe..........
SO what does this have to do with a laptop?
My job like lots is changing with the times and I now find
myself with four hours admin time a week. So I have a
laptop supplied for me to use. Now all the laptops look the
same and all the carry cases are the same so you have to
personalise them. Some people have keyrings others bits
of ribbon what could I use............Leftovers of course.

Easily recognised as mine now

Don't you just love them? I was always taught that you get
a better effect with odd numbers of objects so I think three
is the perfect number.
Another Attic24 inspired project Lucy has a tutorial for
these little beauties
I'm thinking Springtime decorations....

1 comment:

  1. Well I absolutely love the flowers but you are quite welcome to keep the work laptop!!!!
    I have emailed you tonight xx