Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Just dropping in to tempt you back!

Thought I would just pop by with some pic's of something
that is a really big part of my life at the moment.

Just wait while i unwrap the precious contents .

Oh I love having some fabulous shops on my doorstep.

Look at these great colours, If only you could feel how amazingly soft it is.
It is a little costly but I LOVE IT!
It is going to be something very very special, infact,
total indulgence as it is for

Hope you come back to see the WIP


  1. They really are gorgeous colours-- a must visit place on my list when we return and its a bit warmer than it was in December -- are you a dedicated hooker now !!! x

  2. What a lovely blog! I love the colours in the squares, and I'm VERY impressed with Little N's handwriting! Hope it's not cold the next time she goes swimming!