Wednesday, 10 February 2010

OH WOW how soon they grow uP

Today is a special day in our home as it is hubby's
Birthday. We both work til 5 on a Wednesday so the girls
are at home with their Nanny. Big girl likes to come back
to our house (just over the road) to get on with home work
or just CHILL! for a bit.
But today when we pulled up outside the house it was clear
no chilling had taken place.

Balloons greeted us on the door and on opening that door we
could smell the most delicious smell.

All by herself she had managed to bake and decorate the most
fabulous cake for her daddy.

She has only been at secondary school for five months but
she seems so grown up.

Oh ...........I bet your thinking the kitchen looked a right mess,
well I can tell you it was immaculate not a dish or sticky spoon in sight.

Think I will start teaching her how to cook the tea next!

1 comment:

  1. Firstly Happy Birthday Kev and secondly what a star Alanna. What a lovely surprise. xxx