Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Banana cake and Barbie buns

Yum Yum!
Being half term I am enjoying doing the little things I love at a much more relaxed pace. On Tuesday little N and I spent a whole morning baking, she really likes to get involved and thanks to her Grandma who is a fan of Pampered Chef products she has all the right sized equipment for the job. I must say the mini range that
P Chef do is really great.
So we soon whipped up a Banana cake with some seriously sad looking bananas then some Devon Apple Cake N had great fun cutting the apple into cube one for the bowl one for her mouth!

But what Little N was looking forward to the most was making up the Barbie Buns she had nagged me to buy went we last went on the last big trip to the supermarket, a trip I try to avoid if I can. I do shop, I just don't enjoy doing it on a grand scale.

So a ready box of Barbie Buns were the next to prepare, well add a bit of water and an egg and mix .
Well lets just say that N loved every minute of making and decorating them.

Well they do look quite scrummy now don't you think!

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