Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bunting and baby gift

As I have mentioned before I love quick craft projects

especially when they come out looking better than I

could of imagined. Recently we decorated big A's bedroom

and I had been promising her I would make some bunting,

we had even purchased the fabric from a little quilting

shop in Bovey Tracey. So during half term it was on the top

of my To Do list.

I am never sure of an almost twelve year olds taste but

fortunately she loves it and so does little N so I think my

machine will be busy in the next few weeks.

Quick project two

Working with little ones I see all the latest must haves,

lots of little people of late have been snuggling with

little cloths called taggies they are really sweet and

really costly! So when a friend had a new addition it

was the perfect time to have a go at making something

along the same line.

It has little folds of ribbon sewn in for fiddling with or sucking

and very soft brushed cotton fabric also from Serendipity

Quilts of Bovey.

Just think years ago it was the label on a muslin square or

a Terry's nappy that a toddler would walk around with!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely, just lovely. Can I have a taggie please ?
    Obviously getting to the dotage stage and thinking about it I am sure Pat would like one too :)